INVESTING IN ISTANBUL AFTER 3RD BRIGDE (Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü ) AND 3RD AIRPORT (Istanbul New Airport)

INVESTING IN ISTANBUL AFTER 3RD BRIGDE (Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü ) AND 3RD AIRPORT (Istanbul New Airport)
13 Kasım 2018 Nursel Çökelek

Areas which are known to be good points to invest in Istanbul are no longer popular. Because new projects are rising outside of the city instead of city center.
Recently, estate investors get out of Istanbul city center and prefer north regions of Istanbul, especially Arnavutkoy ( near New Airport ), Sarıyer , Beykoz, Sancaktepe, Gebze, Tuzla where Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge route follows.
As part of government’s master plans, investments moved to north part of the city , destiny and prices are changed at these areas. Residential , commercial , industrial and storage areas are identified and constructions already began in these areas. Following new access roads, one can understand which areas are going to develop.
With all developments at the area, new hospitals , hotels and school constructions will start soon.
Besides on going governmental investments at north İstanbul , firm ground of the are is another important point .

If you want to invest in these areas and you don’t have time concern , land investment is to be preferential. In 3 to 5 year when developments will come out , your profit will be more than expected. It is really important to invest in correct place, ( for example ,close to main roads ) one should investigate thoroughly, even get professional support . Finding correct place to invest will have you make more profit.
Beykoz, north part Sarıyer , Arnavutkoy, Sancaktepe ( near 3rd highway) are the most valuable places for land investment.
Proximity to 3rd bridge and New Airport , increased prices by 70% at above regions

If you are looking for rent income , you should be interested in commercial estates.
Residential estate has the veriest option. Return period in estate is about 20 years in Istanbul and this is a very long time investing. If it is going to be real estate , smaller square meter estates will be preferable. Comparing to bigger square meters it rental income will be better, and it is easy to find tenant.

Considering all above investing is Istanbul is still bring in money .


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