South Marmara Development Reports for Çanakkale-Turkey

South Marmara Development Reports for Çanakkale-Turkey
15 Kasım 2018 Nursel Çökelek

Çanakkale is in South Marmara Development Agency reports, according to government development aims. Base on these reports, great development and progress is expected in this region.
Bridge, high speed train line , high way, port and industrial zones are planning for the region, which will lead an inevitable increase in population.
Biga and Can are the primary regions where industrial investments directed, this help us to understand why it is right time to invest in these regions.
Government investments are continuing rapidly, Karacabey-Bandırma industrial zone line will be linked to Biga and Can. Regions except abone will be developing mainly as touristic and agricultural.
While organized industrial zones are constituted, whole neighborhood will change and develop. Master plans will change, residential, commercial and public zones will be identified accordingly. Due to above reasons , population of Çanakkale is expected to be triple by 2023.
There is an apperant increase in land prices experienced in recent years. This increase will continue after all government projects accomplished. In Biga , land prices where 15,00-16,00TL/sqm in 2017, today these lands havle market price of 30,00-35,00TL/sqm. Likewise, in Can , market prices of lands were 7,00-9,00TL/sqm in 2017, now prices go up to 15,00-20,00TL/sqm recently.
The paint that we should not overlook is government definde the development areas and groundwork, constructions already started.


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